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Richard Buxton takes us for a stroll around London

We sat down with Richard Buxton to hear more about why he’s getting involved in CASCAID and how you can join him.

Why did you want to become an Ambassador for CASCAID?

For two reasons. Firstly the asset management industry is under sustained pressure in the media for high fees and poor customer outcomes, which is at odds with my experience of the work colleagues do and the response from clients to results, so it is great to see the industry coming together to deliver a positive outcome for charity. This is much more in keeping with a genuine desire to do good which I know the industry does exhibit, as well as individuals’ personal generosity. Secondly, I have close friends who have been struck by cancer and Cancer Research UK is a fabulous cause to support.

You’ve chosen to organise the ‘Walk-and-Talk Night Walk’, a half-marathon walk around London, how did you come up with the idea?

As one of the least athletic sporting people in the industry most of the obvious challenges adopted by other Ambassadors were firmly ruled out! Walking a half-marathon is within reach, but stretching, so it is a challenge. I also love London, its history and sights, so the idea of walking around key sights and landmarks but at night to get a different perspective appeals – and I think lots of people will want to get involved. Adding the ‘talk’ element to it to involve many industry colleagues and the press also seemed like a good way to raise the CASCAID profile halfway through the year.

How is your training going for the walk?

Training? Cripes – hadn’t thought of that… but I did walk home from work on Monday…!

What are you most looking forward to about your challenge?

I really hope we have literally hundreds of people involved, both sharing in my love of London and raising money for CASCAID, so I look forward to seeing the crowd on the night. Plus the walk itself…and possibly the odd pit stop en route!

Will you be getting involved in any other CASCAID events or challenges?

Absolutely. OMGI has a quiz night coming up – and I’m always hopeless at those, but I will be there. Plus the two gala dinners in June and December as well as other larger, group events.

Which Ambassador is your money on to raise the most for CASCAID?

This is an intensely competitive industry – whatever the FCA may say! There are some very determined Ambassadors who are undertaking some very hard personal challenges, so I think it would be immensely foolish to place a bet on that…

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