From June 2018, CASCAID’s focus is raising £1 million for Great Ormond Street Hospital, Europe’s leading centre for treating seriously ill children and one of the top three children’s research hospitals in the world.

Where there is an exceptional reason for a fundraiser to also support another charity then this might be facilitated by CASCAID. However, this is very much the exception and the figures will be shown separately in our totals and are over and above the target of £1m.

We’re working with VirginMoneyGiving. To set up a fundraising page, it’s best to access the VMG page via this CASCAID website, so that it automatically tags your funds as being part of CASCAID. If you need to access the VMG page directly, go to www.vmgiving.co/CASCAID (please note that it is case sensitive). You’ll see all our fundraisers at the bottom of the page.

Please take a look at our step-by-step guide to setting up your CASCAID fundraising page.

To set up a fundraising page, click on START FUNDRAISING.

To donate yourself, click GIVE NOW.

If you would like to donate by cheque, please make cheques payable to Great Ormond Street Hospital and send them to MiP (please email us to let us know a cheque is on the way).

Please DO NOT make any cheques payable to CASCAID – CASCAID does not have charity status and does not have a bank account. It’s just an umbrella brand to unite all our fundraising.

CASCAID is just a brand name, so please don’t make cheques payable to us. Cheques should be made payable directly to Great Ormond Street Hospital. You can give them to MiP to pass on to GOSH. These amounts will be added on to our “totaliser” by VirginMoney, so that we keep track of everything.

In brief, yes!  The agencies involved are not charging for their time. This is not a commercial project – it’s all about raising as much as we can for GOSH. MiP is organising and coordinating all the activities, particularly the industry-wide events. All our time is pro-bono; including organisation, design, video and web work.

With some events, there are costs involved. For example, the gala dinner involves paying venue hire and catering costs. We will be very clear what these are, so you know how much of your contribution goes to charity.

VirginMoneyGiving is our fundraising platform. They are a not-for-profit organisation. As with all similar organisations, they take a very small fee from donations to cover their costs. We specifically chose VMG because they take a smaller margin than their competitors.

Please speak to Helen at MiP (helen.wagstaff@mipagency.com). They will pass on GOSH’s bank details so you can pay it straight into their account.

CASCAID is led by our 100 Ambassadors. See the Ambassador page for details. But it’s not exclusive!  We want everyone in the industry to get involved in some way. If you’ve got any ideas for fundraising, talk to one of the Ambassadors at your company or chat to MiP.

CASCAID is an asset management initiative that brings our industry together. We would also love it if friends and family get involved, particularly in big events.

Please email charity@mipagency.com with any queries. Please note that we’re managing CASCAID in our spare time, so we may not be able to get back to you immediately. If anything urgent crops up, please call the office on 020 3004 4470.

We wanted a charity that we felt would mean something to a wide range of people in the industry. It’s a charity that is close to a lot of people’s hearts, as so many of us know children that have been treated there. The decision to support GOSH was made by our Ambassadors.

We are currently on round 2 of CASCAID. Last year we supported CRUK, this year GOSH. We do not have definite plans for the future, but if it all works well, we may consider carrying it on. If so, we will make a decision on which charity to support once we have achieved our goals for GOSH.

Gift Aid is a great opportunity to make donations work harder.  It boosts the value of a giving to a charity by 25%. So take every opportunity to claim Gift Aid that can be claimed.  When you donate on the Virgin Money Giving pages, there are clear guidelines as to when you can and can’t claim Gift Aid. Please be careful to check these when you are donating. If in doubt, please don’t hesitate to ask the CASCAID team.

All fundraising must be “legal, open, honest and respectful”. Please ensure that you treat donors fairly without placing pressure on them to donate, and let us know in the (hopefully unlikely!) event that you receive any complaints in relation to your fundraising. If you are organising a fundraising event, health and safety should be your top priority. Finally, please ensure that all monies raised from your activities is passed quickly and efficiently to GOSH.