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Ready, steady, sit down!

Cazenove Capital Office Chair Grand Prix

The 31st of May 2022 will go down in asset management industry folklore as the inaugural Cazenove Capital Office Chair Grand Prix.

At the end of May the great and good of our industry came together to test the strength of their quads and co-ordination ability in the very first Office Chair Grand Prix, organised and hosted by Cazenove. The weather was less than clement, but all 30 teams showed up brimming with enthusiasm and energy. All manner of outfits were on display from those in serious sportswear to others in fancy dress including 80s, Superheros, Top Gun, Flinstones and many many more.

Whilst it sounds like a bit of fun, the actual racing was very hard work with most participants only completing a lap or two before handing onto one of their three other team mates. Going backwards on the chair was the order of the day and the turns and chicanes caught many out at the start. After a while the technique was dialled in and everyone settled in for the full hour of racing. Luckily there was no blood, but lots of sweat and tears (of laughter)!

The winners, 91 Asset Management, completed well over 40 laps in the allotted time period to take the wobbly wheel trophy. A great achievement, only surpassed by the £70,000 that the entire event raised. Thanks to Caspar and the whole team at Cazenove for putting on such and imaginative and fun race.

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