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KP’s challenge done and dusted

Kathryn Pinner has finished her challenge, here’s a note on how she got on.
Today was Day 30 of my 5k a day for 30 days challenge – and I finished it!!!  Donations are still coming in – so hopefully I will hit my target in the next week or so. I have walked, jogged, limped and basically just hauled myself out every day for 30 days to get this small personal challenge completed with a dodgy ankle and picking up a broken toe halfway through! Did I enjoy it? In a weird way I did! Has it been habit forming? Yes – I know I can easily do this 3 times a week going forward  – so it’s a win win situation.
 My donation page will be live until the end of August – so all donations gratefully received. I have lost family and friends to cancer, and have friends who have come through cancer – and I hope that through helping to fund vital research, we will find a cure for cancer in my lifetime.

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