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Gareth’s 230km Arctic ultra-marathon

Gareth's 230km Arctic Ultra-marathon

In February 2022, Gareth Jandrell, Fund Manager at M&G Investments, successfully completed an ultra-marathon footrace – a distance totalling 230km – in support of the NSPCC. What’s more, the race took place along the Arctic Circle in Northern Sweden, in the middle of winter where temperatures regularly dropped as low as -30 degrees C. In addition to running roughly 5 marathons over 5 days, Gareth wore snowshoes across the whole route and was self-sufficient throughout this incredible challenge, carrying an 8kg backpack with enough food, clothes, survival gear and first aid.

Gareth successfully completed the race on 15 February, narrowly missing out on a podium finish, finishing 4th overall, but taking a stage win on day 3 – no small feat. We are pleased to report that he is back and physically all in one piece, notwithstanding a slightly sore Achilles tendon and some fairly unusual reoccurring dreams of being chased by runners and humanoid reindeer across frozen lakes!

With the help of M&G’s matched funding allowance, support for this challenge has been incredible and has blown through the initial £5k fund raising target, so far raising £9,310 which is phenomenal.

Congratulations to Gareth – an incredible achievement in some of the harshest of conditions! Please take a look at some of the photos from the challenge and to quote Gareth, “these prove I wasn’t just sitting on the sofa!”

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