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City Hive supports CASCAID

City Hive, the diversity and equality network dedicated to uniting, supporting and championing women at all levels of asset and investment management, is doing more than voicing its backing for CASCAID.

To boost our fundraising efforts on behalf of CRUK, they’re promising to donate £5 for each paid up Individual Member and 5% of all Corporate Membership fees received by their first anniversary, 30 November 2017.

Like the City itself, they acknowledge that a hive does not comprise just one solitary queen bee but a dynamic eco-system of thousands of industrious workers – rather like CASCAID’s team of 100 Ambassadors.

Keen to dispel the myth of this lone, all-powerful female, they’re campaigning to gain recognition for the thousands of smart, talented females working hard to create sweet, valuable returns in the City every day.

City Hive founder and managing director, Bev Shah, is determined to “reach out and help improve life for others around the world… choosing a charity close to our hearts and actively committing to assist their cause”.

This year CASCAID & CRUK will be benefiting from that generous pledge of ‘liquid gold’.

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