At the heart of CASCAID’s initiative are our ambassadors. These fantastic people are undertaking their own challenges and fundraising initiatives in order to reach our million pound target. But fundraising isn’t limited to Ambassadors – we’re encouraging everyone in the industry to get involved, set up their own challenges and contribute in any way they can. Every little helps. Imagine if every single person who works in asset management just did one little thing for CASCAID…

The list below shows our current Ambassadors. We’ll also be adding a few more Young Ambassadors to the list soon.

Adam Gent
Alan Gadd
Alasdair Johnson
Alastair Mundy
Alex Barry
Andrew Formica
Andrew Watson
Andy Larkin
Anna O’Donoghue
Anne-Marie McConnon
Austin McBride
Ben Burns
Ben Goss
Ben Gutteridge
Campbell Fleming
Caspar Rock
Charles Davies
Charlie Wilson
Charlotte Gibson
Claire Blackwell
Craig Walton
Cyrique Bourbon
Darius McDermott
Darren Morgan
David Keswick
David Wiggin
Euan Munro
Fergus McCarthy
Fiona Pursglove
Gary Potter
Gary Tuffield
Geoff Mills
Hanneke Smits
Harry Burnham
Helen Wagstaff
Hendrik du Toit

Isla Mackenzie
James Crossley
Jasper Berens

Jeremy Leadsom
Jeremy Roberts
Jillian Ball
Jim Leaviss
Joffy Willcocks
John Husselbee
John Ions
John Tevenan
Jonathan Miller
Jonathan Polin
Justin Eede
Kathryn Pinner
Kristian Cook
Marcus Bolitho
Marcus Brookes
Maria Mealing
Mark Allpress
Mark Ashley
Mark Brandis
Mark Dampier
Mark Harries
Mark Pearson
Mark Thomas
Martyn Gilbey
Matt Oomen
Matthew Jones
Michael Daley
Mike Haslam
Neil Brown
Nick Hutton
Nick Phillips
Nick Watson
Nicky Richards
Paul Graham

Paul Truscott
Peter Harrison
Phil Middleton
Phil Reid
Phil Wagstaff
Regina Kirch
Richard Buxton
Richard Philbin
Richard Romer-Lee
Richard Royds
Richard Warne
Richard Wilson
Rob Bailey
Rob Bowie
Rob Burdett
Rohan Stewart
Rory Maguire
Rory Williams
Russell Lancaster
Sam Gold
Sam Mettrick
Simon Brazier
Simon Hillenbrand
Simon Lodge
Simon Rogers
Stephen Ng
Steve Kenny
Thomas Watts
Tom Becket
Tom Caddick
Tom de Lisle
Toni Craig
Warren Tonkinson
Will Gold

Young Ambassadors

Katie Wagstaff
Josephine Llewellen Palmer
Nicole Howard

Zoe Ng
Henry Polin

Campbell Chase

Giles Whittingham
Chris Mansfield