How To Fundraise

Step 1.

Getting started is easy and should only take 5 minutes. It’s important that you set up your page via the CASCAID link, so that your efforts get included in our totaliser. Step 1, go to the Cascaid campaign page on VirginMoneyGiving and click on “Start fundraising”.

Step 2.

Select “Personal Challenge” (that’s the option we want everyone to use for CASCAID, ignore the others)

Step 3.

Add a few details:

  • Type of challenge (e.g. Running the marathon)
  • Location of challenge (it’s ok to put unspecified location)
  • Challenge completion date (hopefully before the end of 2017!)
  • How long to collect money for after the completion date (we suggest one month)
  • Will you complete your challenge on your own or with other people

Step 4.

The next screen pre-selects the Cancer research charity as your chosen charity for your fundraising page. Please input how much money you plan to raise for your challenge.

Step 5.

Sign in if you already have a Virgin Money Giving account or create one to proceed.

Step 6.

Almost there! Now enter your personal details for your challenge page. These details will only be used by Virgin Money Giving to contact you with information relating to your page.

Step 7.

Your fundraising page is now ready to edit. You can set a name for your page, edit the description and upload a photo. Once you are happy with how your page looks, click save at the bottom of the page. Don’t forget to mention CASCAID in your introduction and also set up your thank you email that will go out directly to your generous sponsors.

Congratulations! You are now a fundraiser for Cascaid. Your fundraising page will now be added to the Cascaid website and Cascaid Virgin Money Giving campaign page. If you have any queries, please email