Where will the money go?

CASCAID’s focus is to raise money for CRUK. Over the last 40 years, cancer survival rates in the UK have doubled. In the 1970s just a quarter of people survived, today that figure is half. The money raised via the CASCAID initiative will go towards hopefully helping to increase that figure in areas such as:


Leading scientist’s in children’s cancers have helped to identify that there are different types of childhood brain tumour. Teams are now using this knowledge to search for new drugs that target the different DNA mistakes in these types of childhood brain tumours.

Breast Cancer

More than 40% of all cancers diagnosed in the UK are attributed to lifestyle and environmental factors – this means that 130,000 UK cases could be prevented per year. Your fundraising will support research into the genetics of cancer that has already revealed the genes BRCA and APC respectively as key genetic risk factors of breast cancer.

New Research

Funding for new research is vital in the battle against cancer. The money raised via CASCAID will help people like Professor Eleanor Stride. Prof Stride is engineering a drink containing oxygen nanobubbles that can be targeted to tumours. Supplying oxygen in this way has been shown to slow tumour growth and provides a boost to the body’s immune cells that are fighting the cancer.

To give you an idea of how much you can make a difference, here are a few things we could help to buy:


£50,000 buys a microscope that’s powerful enough to see into the inner workings of cells at nano-dimensions.


£100,000 buys an innovative scanner which can take mug shots of cancer cells to share with researchers around the world – more eyes on the data will accelerate progress.


£500,000 buys a mass-spectrometer that helps scientists find out which molecules are driving the disease to help to identify targets for new life-saving drugs.


£1,000,000 buys a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Machine which allows scientists to identify individual molecules that are important in cancer.

Through the funds raised by CASCAID, CRUK will be able to continue funding innovative and pioneering work into key cancer areas such as breast, prostate and childhood cancer. Together we will bring forward the day when all cancers are cured.