Helen Wagstaff’s 500k Challenge

MiP’s Helen is in training for a 500k challenge for CASCAID’s initiative to raise £1 million for Cancer Research in 2017.

The 500k has four elements:

  1. Skiing 100k in a day. Those of you that ski will know this is no easy feat (even for this speed hungry lady)!  That’s a day of full-on racing down the slopes, first to last lift, no stops (not even for a boozy lunch). Is that even possible?
  2. 2 x 100k cycle sportifs. Helen has recently taken up cycling so 100k is not easy, bearing in mind that she has a tendency to fall off her bike !
  3. Running 100k over 10 consecutive days (10k a day).
  4. Rowing 100k in 7 days. Averaging 15k a day, but aiming for 25k on one of the days, just to add to the pain!

Loading fundraiser progress...

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